Sometimes Words Speak Louder Than Actions

The flurry of highs and lows that come with a baby is pretty nuts: you feel like the king of the world one minute just because your little infant is walking for the first time and then your baby slips and smacks his chin (or worse) on a hard surface and starts bleeding and crying and breathing short breaths. A true roller coaster of emotions, constantly.

For those of you who haven’t raised a child yet, you probably won’t relate – For those that have or are: I just left my wife and baby at home so I can catch a 5:30am flight for an 8-day work trip – my little bug happened to wake up right before I stepped out the door at 3am to head to the airport and he was crying crying crying…. I have to say this has to be one of the hardest things I’ve had to do as a dad. Leaving my uber tired wife to fend for herself with a crying baby in the middle of the night – uff… Not fun!

My wife hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in 12 months (never more than 2-3 hours straight) plus I am lucky enough to have married a woman who breastfeeds and will continue until the piglet decides to stop, which means she is sacrificing her body (and specifically her breasts) to put all those amazing nutrients inside our creation (no wonder he’s the size of many 2 year-old boys we see!). Why did mother nature make breastfeeding so tough I don’t know, but I admire my partner for not giving up and sticking to the plan, even as she slays away her days trying to keep up with the millions of things that a working mother has to do. Babe, before I met you I knew that women were tough and were survivors and didn’t have it easy physically with respect to carrying babies… But seeing how much work it takes a woman to get back into her pre-baby shape, and seeing how tough it is to breastfeed and pump milk at work while the baby is at the daycare… I have the utmost respect for the challenges women have to overcome as new moms. I have to remember that even though I am also tired and overworked, my job is to take care of my woman and do more than my share of the chores to try to alleviate her responsibilities.

Moms are amazing: You have to admire a person that is willing to put another being first, for years on end: that means constant physical and mental sacrifice that seems like it will never end. I hope I can live up to the task of supporting my woman in this incredible journey and I will make sure to remind my son, when he is older, how his mother took on the task with such courage. Here’s hoping women continue to be brave, humanity depends on it…

Just had to write this down…


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