Funny Thing About Mitt Romney Supporters

Ok ok ok, so the U.S. voted in their president for another 4 years, but you guys you have to read this, this is hilarious – it is right off of Mitt Romney’s Facebook page:

Thomas Hillabrand Thanks MITT for your valant effort ,those of us that have a brain know you where right and will be forever grateful to you sir. On my way to buy silver and a lot of ammo. Good Luck friend.

Britteny Pickel Buck Obama supporters :: do us all a favor!! when the SUGAR TURNS TO SALT — DON’T CRY ABOUT THE KOOL AID!!!

Susan Munyan American’s will wise up before the next four years are over. Hopefully this will happen before we all have to become Muslims.

Yosef Hakakzadeh(…) “This election was exactly what the founding fathers were afraid of: that uneducated voters would tip the scale in the wrong direction.

Uhm, didn’t the polls show that the most educated Americans voted Obama?

Dorothy M Bockstahler I don’t know you Rebecca or Tracie but agree with you. I am a senior citizen and am scared what Obama has in his mind.

Carol Mulcahy Just wanted to let you all know, I just tried to post my comment and I was blocked by FB twice. Very scary. I was trying to say, “help us!” Apparently, it was not acceptable.

Robert McKlemurry Romney tried but he was the wron color and an American with the wrong religion. Now we have an oreo cookie, muslim, socialist, king want to be in charge who will do what ever he wants with Executive Order’s. Like putting a skunk in the hen house, so I hope the masses get what they want but remember this at the rise of taxes, reduced job’s, higher national dept, depression era economy ect…

(the next one is long but worth the read)

Kelly Horn-Hillhouse I am sad you didnt win. Hell is upon us and may god help us. I loved your ideas I as a middle class person am tired if being thrown to the wolves. As my son has moved in with us unable to find a job because he cant speak Spanish is unfair. When will there be someone in office to make our government fallow the rules and laws that are in place. I’m not a racist as i love my grand daughter to death who is mixed . But everything is messed up. Have to speak spanish for jobs and people loosing there jobs and middle class being punished for every thing and are becoming poor. I thought we the people Americans had some say. I guess not. And we dont get help from any where . Me and my husband work. And now i have my daughter and grand daughter with us cause she cant do it on her own. No child support and she is a cna and still here with us. My two sons here to and frankly we all have to be together to help each other cause we cant do it by our selves and the government says we dont qualify for help. And told sell your car for help. Wtf. But yet we vote hoping and praying we make the decision and gets slaped with anothet 4 years of going down hill. Maybe next time my vote will count and you will run. Or maybe well be in such bad shape no one will want the job. We,ll see where will be in 4 years. I’m sure i will no longer be middle class at that time. I’ll be lower and fell like I’ll make a difference and not vote then. But eithier way hope you run and win next time.

Thank you, Sincerely, Disappointed ….

So she’s complaining about not receiving welfare and voted Romney? No entiendo…

Anne Marie Ruspantini Thank you Mitt for all the hard work you put into your campaign and caring about the freedom in our country. I am saddened that our great nation will go down the tubes. Our economy is sure to crash under the usurper who is not a real good leader. He is the enemy within. Pretty scary how people can’t see that.

I’ll tell you what’s scary:  Almost 800,000 people liking his photo and 45,000 commenting… Are these people for real? I’d LOVE to see a spell check report between Obama’s Facebook page comments and Romney comments… 🙂

Anyway, if you sift through these you’re sure to see some more funny redneck stuff:

See more here:


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