Funny Thing About Marketing

Wow – exactly one year since my last post… time definitely does fly! Ok well, sorry about that, I didn’t mean to forget about the blog: Today’s topic is Marketing.

Personally, I love it, the creative side behind some cool ads and branding strategies are sometimes fascinating. The value marketing createscan equate or even surpass the product. However, there is an issue here, which is, marketers can totally, irresponsibly and unethically manipulate people into believing things that are totally bogus…

Easiest example: you’ve all seen the “FLY TO CITY XYZ” ad for $199.00*. The star literally means   ” *You’re a douche if you believe that this price is all inclusive”… so why put it there! A $199.00* flight with $300.00 of airport, gas and service taxes… what’s the point? Because our chimpanzee brains tell us “Ohhh nice just over one hundred bucks and I can go to XYZ… amazing” and we then positively associate the product to being of high value for the price, even though it is fake… this is nonsense, but the human brain works that way, so marketers do it, and it sells, and the cycle continues.

I personally work in the ecotourism business, selling trips to private groups, and these kinds of ads are what give respectable travel agencies like mine a bad name!

Anyway, here’s another funny example of some ad guys who try to sell you nicely cooked bull*sh*t…:

What the video:

By the way, here are just a few sources supporting why oil sands are a big crock of trash for the environment:,1518,791008,00.html

The best part about the oil sands ad (that makes me laugh) is they actually ask for donations!!!

I’m always amazed at what marketers try to make us believe… Anyway, until next time (I won’t wait another year I promise!)… just had 2 write this down…


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