Women’s Exercises Men Should Do

I was invited to be a guest on an exercise program for a web channel called Watchmojo: “Women’s Exercises Men Should Do”. I thought, hey that could be fun – and easy – plus I’m always up for trying things at least once.

The funny thing about women’s exercises, (that men should do), is that even though I consider myself an athletic guy (I play ice hockey 3 times a week and have always done sports 2-4 times a week all my life…) – these supposedly easy exercises (or so I thought): were actually killer!

(I got stuck doing two shows back to back… you try to walk properly after that!… I limped for 5 days straight…). Anyway, I find these videos kinda cute and funny but also really good workout videos, so here they are:

Women’s Exercises Men should do – Pilates

Women’s Exercises Men should do – Ballet

I was surprised to accidentally fall upon Yahoo’!s home page that featured a screenshot of the show:


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