Funny Thing About Greece

First of all, Greeks put their bathroom lights OUTSIDE the bathroom… So you might be in there, doing number 1 or number 2 and anybody can easily turn off the lights… Can someone remind me why it is logical to put the light switch of ANY room outside the room itself?

Anyway, things don’t necessarily follow one’s logic here and that’s OK, that’s what gives it its charm… With the financial crisis happening everyone realizes how: (1) Greece was never ready to take on the Euro and (2) the G8 always knew that yet are happy to now send the IMF to suck the country dry of its resources… isn’t it how it always works on this planet anyway?

Let’s stay away from politics and back to this blog: Greeks are loud and party hard and they like to enjoy life… A good frappĂ© in the summer days ensures their average five doses of caffeine per day… And Greeks have a tendency to continuously surprise me: either by their dryness and aggressive tones or by their contrasting warm welcomes and big smiles – you don’t get any middle ground Greeks around here… Either you get treated like some piece of dirt or you get treated like royalty – I guess it is a good way to always keep you on your toes…

The most memorable moments were:

1) Going out with my cousin and his friends for some drinks for a supposed early Sunday night where each of us had to work early the next day: from the lawyer having a court appearance to the doctor having to see his patients to the teacher giving a class and the “guide” meeting his school group at the airport … We ended up meeting some people at a bar and going to a beachfront club for drinks and sone dancing and then continuing the party at one of our apartments with some more drinks and good music and many many jokes … Until 6am! Everyone was easily convincing each other how easy the other person’s job is and so sleep was not necessary hehehe… (I told you Greeks like to party!)


2) In Loutro, Crete – taking 7 high school kids with me on an 8-hour trek up and down mountains, through tiny villages and along the beautiful rocky Greek shoreline for some 20 Km… With none of them being used to long treks but all of them working hard to make it back safely and enjoying the incredible sights that nature had to offer… Apart from a few scrapes and bruises I think they really enjoyed their first ever full-day nature trail 🙂

Well I’m off to my gate… Just had 2 write this down…


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