Funny Thing About Japan

As I got off the plane at Narita International Airport (I was excited since it is my first time in Asia!) the first interesting things I see are the baby blue and baby pink toilet signs for men and women… in North America we are way too politically correct to even imagine using pink for the women’s toilet… Yet for an international airport, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense… I also noticed an infrared temperature scanner, like what you see in spy movies… I assume there is an illegal substance that shows up warmer on the scanner? Interesting indeed… I also noticed Japanese men’s long hair: they either look like they needed a haircut 4 months ago (kinda afro-ish) or they look like samurai with nice long thin hair tied into neat ponytails… My first photo in Japan is of a 70-80 year old man logging onto MSN Messenger on his Sony VIAO laptop…


One thought on “Funny Thing About Japan

  1. You should see the bathrooms in the Honolulu airport…they have signs of women in hula dresses and men in hula shirts!!
    …On another note, let me know what you think of the remote controlled toilet bowls…

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