Funny Thing About Bobsleighing

Well for starters, the name… a Bobsleigh… a sleigh that is named Bob, or Bob’s sleigh… not that “curling” is a more intellectually stimulating name… but as Nacho Libre says, “let’s get down to the nitty gritty”:

We have 4 guys, dressed in Robin Hood outfits wearing motorcycle helmets that push a sleigh for about 5 seconds, jump in and…

– this is where it gets interesting….

wait for it…

Apart from the guy in front who is driving, they do NOTHING (or seemingly so) for the rest of race… (kinda like the curling guys with the brooms… one guy throws the rocks and the others clean the ice….)…

So let’s RECAP: Millions of people, no no wait – hundreds of millions of people around the world are hooked onto their television screen as 3 of my friends and I push a sleigh for 5 seconds and then sit and wait for the guy in front to steer this thing down the admittingly dangerous tube to the finish line…? Not only is this ridiculous, (excuse me I forgot to mention that if you are a bobsleigh athlete you probably should not be reading this blog) but it is even more ridiculous to try and understand why in the world someone would want to see not just one type of bobsleigh race, but EXACTLY the same race, with 2 guys instead of 4! And then the SAAAAAAAME race AGAIN – this time with 1 guy in the sleigh… does anyone actually WANT to see these different races? … that’s the equivalent of wanting to watch a NASCAR race with passengers in the cars (where they would all stand outside their cars and RUN into the automobiles when the race started…)…

And if you’re gonna try and convince me that these guys, while stuck in an extremely tight spot in the sleigh are able to contribute to the outcome of the race… don’t – did you see how much space they have in there? Are they tilting their eyeballs towards the left or the right to sway the sleigh?!? C’mooooon……..

Do hockey fans demand to see 5-on-5, 3-on-3, and 2-on-2 hockey games? Do we ask for 3 period, 2 period and 1 period games? No we do not. Why? Because IT WOULD NOT MAKE ANY FREAKING SENSE……..

Can anybody explain the difference between the 2-man bobsleigh and the 4-man bobsleigh? “Well yes I can, uhm, in the 2-man bobsleigh, 1 guys sits and does nothing whereas in the 4-man bobsleigh  3 guys just sit there and do nothing”… I see I see… Ok well in that case I should just shut up and stop complaining then?… UHM…. NO.

It drives me insane how in the same sports line-up you have hockey, curling, figure skating, ski jumping, alpine downhill skiing, biathlon (I kinda get the different distances for races such as speed skating and the biathlon and the downhill vs the giant slalom) but the 3 bobsleighing events, c’mon guys… why don’t we make the bobsleigh athletes compete on different distances while we’re at it!? The 3-man 2.5 km track, the 5-man 1.7 km track, the 7 man 3.4 km track… C’mon! C’mon! This is ridiculous and you know it…

Please explain to me what team members #2, #3 and #4 are doing right now?

“Anthony, you just don’t get it – why are they in the Olympics then? They are the best in the world – so they are worthy of our attention…” WHAT? The three best guys in the world that can sit behind a driver and not move? Are you serious? They are the best in the world because they ARE THE ONLY ONES in the world that actually practicing the sport! I would be curious to know how many people actually tried out for the Canadian Olympic team… like what there are some bobsleigh athletes out there that bobsleighed for 4 years and didn’t make it into the Olympics?! This is a joke I’m sorry to say… I enjoyed the speed skating, the skiing, the jumps, the biathlons… the hockey of course (notice how I didn’t mention curling?)…. but 3 different bobsleigh events is an insult to my intelligence…

Drives me nuts and had 2 write this down… next post will be about women’s hockey (don’t get me started!)…

Had 2 write this down…


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