Funny Thing About Morocco

Ok so here I am in Casablanca with my gf for 1 day (we’re on our way to Egypt for a wedding)… so I say to myself, we’ll spend the day in Morocco, see another country a bit, and be on our way with a big smile…

Think again: hehehe… there is something about Moroccans in Morocco (I specify in Morocco because, I know a lot of Moroccans in Montreal, and they are all cool, smart, quick, interesting, etc… no complaints at all)… but the ones in Morocco…. well, they are kinda different:

First of all, if you go visit the Sultan Hassan II Mosque, note that you need to pay a tour guide to show you around with explanations etc (you cannot visit this supposed site of worship without having someone generically explain to you the commercial touristy stuff about the place…. not my kinda thing!)… so I ask “where is the door?” (since my arabic is limited, i asked about the door since i don’t know how to say entrance)… and I am pointed in a direction… so I follow it, and find a door indeed, but the door leads to the bathroom. So I return to see the man who works at this mosque, to confront him about the door he showed me. So I say: “Uhm, excuse me, I asked you where the door is, and you showed me the bathroom door…” and he says “well, yes… that is a door isn’t it?”… Now, I don’t know about you, but things like this drive me freaking nuts… if I was alone, I would have made a big deal out of it, but since my gf was with me, I tried to stay calm and here I am stuck expressing myself in this blog…

Example #2 of Moroccans’ frustrating ways of thinking: My girlfriend asks me: “Anthony, can we see one of the king’s palaces?”. Determined to show her a good time in this country, I ask my taxi cab driver, and he responds: “Sure we can see the palace nearest Casablanca, it is a beautiful palace and I can take you there…” So I pay him extra, he tells me it is only a few mins away… and we drive.. after driving through a nice neighbourhood, with big houses, mostly hidden behind trees and walls, I notice we end up on the highway on the way back to the airport. So I ask him: “Uhm, excuse me, aren’t we on our way to the airport? When will we see the palace?”… so the driver tells me: “I just took you to see the palace sir…” …… uhm OK OK…. wait a minute… this man, charges me extra to take me to see the king’s palace, and I speak a bit of arabic so he can communicate with me, so it’s not like I was a japanese tourist and we weren’t at all understanding each other… but he actually finds it logical to drive me through the NEIGHBOURHOOD where the King lives, and then take me to the airport… “Can’t we see the palace?” I ask him. “No of course not, you can’t actually see it sir…”….. ah wow. What can I say, another waste of time and money… great.

So, again, I kept my cool, and I just smiled, knowing I was on my way to Egypt for a beachfront wedding and a Kepri trip… something to look forward too….

The airport actually looks exactly like this :) (jk!)

The airport actually looks exactly like this 🙂 (jk!)

Just had to write this down…


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