Funny Thing About Turning 30

So here I am, 30 yrs old (I turned 30 two weeks ago) and ready to tell you what’s funny about turning 30:…………

I don’t feel old, (although I meet some young 20 year old kids that haven’t seen a G.I. Joe cartoon, and some younger cousins that used to be babies are turning 18), my body is as fresh as it was when I was 18 (although every time I feel something, anything at all, like my elbow slightly hitting the wall, or my back hurting a bit because i was sleeping crooked in bed, or my butt when I get up from sitting on a chair for hours on end working, etc…) I have a psychological reaction to think “it must be because I am getting old now”… that’s complete hogwash! (I always wanted to use that expression, workin’ my way down my bucket list)… 30 is the same as 29, which is the same as 28, which is the same as 27…

The cool thing about being thirty is you can stop worrying about not being able to wear things that make you look young… (not that my cap served that purpose, it was for the sun, I swear…. Egypt is sunny OK?!)…

Maybe 40 will give me more content to write about…

Just had 2 write it down…


4 thoughts on “Funny Thing About Turning 30

  1. you might be 30, but your age wont change anything about you! you are still a great cousin! i know i turned 18, and i havent seen any G.I. Joe cartoon… but it’s not my fault! we can watch them together again if you want!:)

    • Hehehe Yeah I’d like to see those cartoons again, although we would probably find them pretty boring (bad graphics and cheesy lines), I was like 8 years old when I was watching them… but it might be funny to watch! – I haven’t seen the movie because I think it might ruin the image I have of the cartoon (like Spiderman, Hulk, Transformers, etc did)…

  2. J’ai envie de partager ma vision de l’âge qui avance.
    J’ai eu 43 ans cet été et je peux dire que je commence à moins aimer dire le chiffre de mon âge toutefois je me sens très bien et je vis intensément ce que je désire vivre.

    Ce n’est qu’un chiffre… oui, mais il influence la perception que les gens peuvent avoir de nous.

    Ce n’est pas notre âge qui nous défini mais c’est plutôt ce que l’on choisi de vivre qui défini notre âge! ;o)

  3. “spoiled under 30 crowd” vs “over 30 years crowd” (btw, I didn’t write that)… to answer your question, you fall into no category ; )
    You will fall and get back on your feet again… Age is not important only what you make of it is. What you do for the world is eternal, hence, so are you.

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