Funny Thing About Montreal’s Airport

Ok so you’re all packed, you’re at the airport, ready to jump on that plane for your vacation… but wait a minute, you forgot something… let’s take a moment to think: what could people possibly need to buy at an airport (I’m talking about departures here)… how about, for Canadians living in a cold country and often vacationing in countries that are hotter and have beaches, beach towels, bathing suits, flip flops, t-shirts and shorts… still with me so far? You could also probably think of books, a no brainer for anyone going on vacation (for those of us who read, that is, the 5 yrs and older crowd).

If we keep thinking practically, we could probably add international cell phones, traveling gadgets (headphones etc…) and we could also add banking services, right? I.e., you want to deposit a cheque before flying off for a few weeks, or maybe you had a cheque on you and want to cash it before your flight… Now I won’t start to rant about how there are NO banks at the airport, although I think the two biggest ones should be there, including an insta-cheque booth… but that’s for another blog post I guess (or not)… however, my cousin asked me to bring her a swimsuit from Canada, and as I was running around preparing my trip of 35-students I didn’t have time to stop by a store in downtown Montreal… (my 4-day getaway in Mexico didn’t help)… so I find myself at Montreal’s International Airport, where millions of Canadians fly out of every year, and most of them go to Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba, and there is NO, I repeat, NO way of finding a swimsuit, nor for men, nor for women. Can somebody please explain exactly how this is possible? You’re going to Cuba, and you are being presented with all kinds of “crap” in the airport store: from overpriced moose teddy bears to Canada-printed t-shirts (made in Canada for marketing purposes only but the quality resembles that of a Chinese t-shirt factory….in 1975…) to cell phone packages for international roaming (“starting at 2$ per minute”, as if that was a good rate!) to chocolate and oh, let us not forget, MAPLE SYRUP! Yes that’s EXACTLY what I need, the choice between 42 different kinds of maple syrup, in all sizes and colors, and ridiculously overpriced (I think I could buy a forest of maple trees for a shelve’s worth of syrup… seriously!)… of course I won’t mention booze and tobacco, what a sacrilege it would be not to offer every single kind of alcohol and tobacco brand in the world… but a swim suit? Say “I’m looking for a bathing suit” to someone working in one of the stores at the airport and see their face change into a “what the hell are you talking about” kinda stare… yeah ok, I’M the crazy one, I’m looking for a bathing suit as I fly out of this snow-filled country… but no no it’s ok, I’ll buy booze and maple syrup instead (and after I get drunk I guess I’ll be able to go to a nude beach :P)…

Just had to write this down… off to Egypt… (Nouna I’ll find you a swimsuit I promise!)…

Anthony Chamy


One thought on “Funny Thing About Montreal’s Airport

  1. I completey understand where you are coming from ! The majority of airports stock up on the touristy items but fail to stock the essentials for their locals who are going on holiday !

    That’s why I love Heathrow and Dubai Airport – it’s got everything and anything that you need !

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