Funny Things About Mexico

So my gf and I decide to run off and get some beach and sun in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for 4 days… We of course flew into Cancun, and then had to find a way to get to Playa… so once you arrive at the airport, you see the Vegas-level tourism industry that has developed in Cancun, it is really an amazing piece of machinery… the whole airport has imposed uniforms for all tourism workers that stand behind their respective kiosks as if we were at a trade show, clean shaved and smiling, ready to take you to their 5-star resort… (since I work in ecotourism, I find the concept kind of prison-like and would never waste my money on concrete walls and air conditioning and pools… but the amount of 5-star resorts in Cancun is crazy!)… once in Playa we discovered so many cute little restaurants, taquerias, where you can eat good tacos galore for almost nothing, with touristic restaurants right around the corner selling their mexican meals at 4-5 times the price… I guess you just need to look around a bit and get off the main roads to get the deals… without going to the extreme with the 1$ USD Chinese food restaurants, we were able to eat some good Chicken Mole, beef and pork and chicken tacos (no you can’t get Swine Flu from EATING porc)… and ended up having a great time at the beach, renting out some chairs next to a Claude Challe live concert (producer of Buddha Bar!)… so next time you go to Cancun, make your way to Playa del Carmen instead, rent a little studio apartment and check out the cute town and its hidden gems, the Fogon restaurant, the cave-built bar and restaurant, the cool beach clubs…. on my way out I ended up having 24 pesos to spend and was at the Cancun airport, thinking, due to my last 4 days in Playa where 24 pesos can actually get you things (2 freshly squeezed juices, or 2.5 meals at a chinese restaurant, 3 torta sandwiches, or a beach chair for the day, or a few beers, or about 5 taxi rides around town)… so I hit the first store, the 2nd store… I’m thinking OK OK Cancun is more expensive, plus we’re at the airport, so I can’t expect to buy some Swarovski crystals… but I’m sure I can get a candy bar, or chips, or something…. I looked and looked… maybe a coffee? or maybe some gum? Nope… 6$ USD for a bag of chips, 4$ USD for a snickers… so I ended up finding two things in the WHOLE Cancun airport that 24 pesos (2.40$ Canadian) would buy for me: this little piece of dulce de leche that looked like a blind mexican packaged with one hand, and a Pancho Frijoles… that’s right, Pancho Frijoles…, I mean just the name is hilarious… guess which of the two I bought (see photo)… unfortunately, after admiring the level of detail on this big Mexican Bean filled with candy for kids (the little opening for the candy inside was actually his set of hair hehehe), the candy actually takes like crap…. damn… at least I didn’t have to pay to use the bathrooms at the airport though 😛 (see first post for reference)…

Mr. Pancho Frijoles in the "flesh"...

Mr. Pancho Frijoles in the "flesh"...


One thought on “Funny Things About Mexico

  1. hehehehe…Mr. Pancho Frijoles quien hiba pensar que te hibas a volver famoso en Canada!! la prochima ves que mi hermana este de malgenio con migo le dire: “Lala, tienes pura cara de Mr. Pancho Frijoles” loooooooooooooool

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