Funny Thing About Waitresses

So here I am, 2 weeks after going to the restaurant with my best friend and business partner, and I still feel the need to vent on what happened, so i figured I might as well post it up here…

Karim and I walk into an asian restaurant on St-Denis (in Montreal), next to our office in the Latin Quarter… it’s a business meeting but we need to eat, so we’re blabbing away and strategizing as we look at the menu… First of all when we walked in nobody greeted us, with one waitress being on the phone with her girlfriend, and the other talking to the chef. How do I know waitress #1 was with her gf? 1-from her body language and 2-from the fact that from the moment we walked in until the moment we walked out, she never hung up, talking continuously in vietnamese (I assume since it was a Vietnamese restaurant). So waitress #2 comes over finally, (we are one of two tables in the whole place) and process to serve us water and ask us what we would like to order… here is where my lack of patience for bad service got ignited: (Note that the menu is numbered item by item with numbers). I tell her I’ll order a spicy beef noodle soup and look at Karim so he can order his plate… however, after closing my menu (and proud I was able to choose quickly since it usually takes me forever) she tells me “I’m sorry, what number is that?”…. Uhm, ok lady look, it wasn’t MY idea to number the menu, you guys decided to do that, so why don’t YOU look it up? But no, I’m a nice guy, so I open the menu, I “press” ctrl-f in my brain to find the item and the associated number… “Number 26 please” Karim then orders, gives his number before she asks (he is doing his PhD for a reason!)… as we are waiting for the order, the waitress comes back, and asks me to reconfirm my order, apparently whatever she was writing on her notepad was not my 26… wow, ok, so without having to open another menu I repeat, with a big smile (which means I can’t believe I am actually doing this) and tell her, once again: “It’s number 26” (remember there are only 2 tables with clients in the whole place)… so we eat, we strategize, all goes well… we get the bill and are asked to pay at the cash… we get up, go to the cash, and, lo and behold….. and I am not making this up, with the bill in her hand and me handing over my money to her, she asks me (as she stares at her cash register) “what’s the number of your order?” as if it was the first time…. wow, never two without three huh… like we say in Quebec: tabarouette how many freaking times do I need to tell you?! I feel like an idiot for abiding by your restaurant’s number system and you make me repeat 3 times… all this time waitress #1 is still on the phone, of course… I can just imagine her conversation going from Paris Hilton to the newest nail polish colors to “did you see that cute guy at jet club last Saturday?”… but of course all this is speculation, I do not speak any Vietnamese….

How incompetent do you have to be to ask one of your only clients (nobody else walked in after us, so a grand total of 3 orders from 2 tables were made in the time were there) to repeat his order three times, isn’t that what you are supposed to write on your little pad? Wasn’t the number system you guys decided to use supposed to help? I am at a loss for words…

Anyway, I just had 2 get this off my chest…


10 thoughts on “Funny Thing About Waitresses

  1. Did you tip her? I wouldn’t have. And if you did, then I would have said: Here you go, save up for glasses and/or a hearing test.

  2. Did you say combo 26 ??? was it good at least?

    so funny your story..«tabarouette how many freaking times do I need to tell you?! » dying of laughter here…

    Anthony, you are perfect to write blogs, you made us live the situation with your animated description…

    So many dumb girls, what can i say!! I guess it is the Paris Hilton influence lol

  3. Thats what you SHOULDA told her! Come on Anthony: ADJUST to different cultures and races.
    Bro you can’t eat their food and not make an effort to speak their language hahahahha

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